Powerful Motivational Prayer Quotes By Joyce Meyer – Powerful Message

“God hears our prayers and wants us to pray continuously. No matter where you are, present your requests to Him with gratitude and see what happens!” – Joyce Meyer

“Your prayers cannot be answered if you don’t pray!” – Joyce Meyer

“Pray, let it go, and trust God to take care of you!” – Joyce Meyer

“Don’t believe the lie that God doesn’t hear your prayers. Choose to pray your way through everything…every day!” – Joyce Meyer

“Don’t just pray for fear to go away. Instead pray for God to fill you with boldness, courage, and confidence. Our wrong thinking often defeats us, but since wrong thinking can defeat us, then right thinking can help us!” – Joyce Meyer

“When you’re feeling mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, I think one of the biggest prayers we can all pray is, ‘God, help me!’” – Joyce Meyer

“If you’re not doing anything else, pray every day that God fills us with the Holy Spirit. He gives us powerful gifts for us to step out and bring glory to Him!” – Joyce Meyer

“We never have to ‘wait’ to pray. Every time you feel a need or think of anything you need help with, pray now” – Joyce Meyer

“You never know what you really know until you are tested. Pray for God to grant you grace to serve Him wholeheartedly despite your circumstances.”  – Joyce Meyer

“Judgement belongs to God. It’s not ours to do. If we see somebody doing something wrong, we should pray for them. If we feel like God’s leading us to talk with them about it, it should be done privately. We need to have the right heart attitude.” – Joyce Meyer

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“God has taught me that if prayer is sincere, it doesn’t need to be eloquent or even necessarily long. God sees our hearts, and He doesn’t judge the quality of our prayers as we might think He would. He only looks at the sincerity, faith, and confidence with which we pray.” – Joyce Meyer

“Pray about everything. Let prayer be like breathing. Open that door to give God an opportunity to work in your life.” – Joyce Meyer

“We believe and God works. We pray, and God changes circumstances. We remain peaceful, and God fights our battles.” – Joyce Meyer

Every day we should pray, “God, is there something You want to do through me today? Show me somebody that I can help. I’ve got a plan for the day, but if You need to interrupt me, You’re welcome to.”–JoyceMeyer

“Every time you start to worry, ask God for help. Cast all your cares on Him because worry doesn’t solve anything, but God works wonders when we pray.” – Joyce Meyer

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