Learn to Obey God In The Little Things – Powerful Message

God uses everyday life to teach us important life lessons, obedience is the most important thing to God, learn to obey God in the little things so you won’t miss out on the big things He has for you, integrity, honesty.

Isaiah 1:19 said, “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land.”  When you learn to simply obey, you get the want to call that friend and congratulate them, and you do so. You hear that prompting to be more disciplined in your spending, and you’re obedient.

The scripture says, “When we fully obey, God’s blessings will chase us down and overtake us.” Be prompt in your obedience. There will be no limit to how far God will carry you if you learn to pass the tiny tests. You won’t be able to outrun the good things of God.

If you’ll learn to pass the small tests, there’s no limit to how high God will take you. The scripture says that when we fully obey God, blessings will chase us down and overtake us. You won’t be able to outrun the good things of God.

“When God gives direction we don’t need to understand or agree – we just need to obey!”. Have you ever had to obey God…even when you didn’t completely understand?

When we obey God, He always brings a reward. Letting go may be difficult, but looking forward to your reward will make it easier. Obedience is the most important thing to God! Everything God asks us to do is for our benefit so we should quickly and promptly obey Him.

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The more the rest of the world disobeys God, the more we need to press in and be determined to obey God. As the dark gets darker, the light has to get lighter.

Begin by obeying God in small things. It is the training you will need to obey God in bigger things later on. Many people make the mistake of not paying attention to minor details, which is a huge mistake. It takes a lot of little things to build up to a lot of large things. The Bible states if we are faithful in small things, we will also be faithful in larger things.

Forgiveness is manifested mercy; it is love in action—not love based on a feeling, but love based on a decision, an intentional choice to obey God.

God is in charge. He’s above all. He has a right to be obeyed and He expects us to obey Him. That doesn’t mean everything is going to be perfect, but if we do what God tells us to do, He says that we will be blessed.

When we obey the Word of God because we love God, we don’t need to have any justification for doing what’s right. We just do what’s right because it’s right.

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