God’s Promises Already Exist in Your Life – Powerful Message

God’s Promises Already Exist in Your Life

One of the great privileges we have, but frequently fail to make use of, is speaking of things that are not yet evident as if they already exist.  If you believe God has strength available for you, as His Word says, why keep saying you are weak?

If we desire to follow God’s plans and have what He intends for us, we must say what He says and do what He does. God’s promises should be confessed as though they already exist in our lives.

God is focused on you and His love for you, not on what you have done wrong in your life. Instead of you focusing on what you have done wrong and the punishment you are afraid of getting, focus on God’s love and mercy.

Run to Father God and get your hug! Focus on the fact that He is good at all times, and continue believing in His promises no matter what your circumstances look like.

If you want to enjoy your everyday life, you have to trust God’s Word, no matter your circumstances. That can be hard to do, but Joyce wants to encourage you!  Is there anything you want to know about having everyday trust and belief in God’s Word?

Every time you go through something hard and somebody comes against you, but you know in your heart that you’ve done what God asked you to do, you just hang on because I am telling you, you have got a blessing coming and you will see it and live in it.

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Hold onto these promises that God is with you in your individual situation. Remember how God gave Noah a rainbow as a proof that he would honor his promises in the Bible? He will be true to you just as He was to Noah.

Prayer Starter: Thank You for Your promises and your faithfulness. Help me to speak the way Your Word says I should speak. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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