God Works All Things Out for Good – Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional – Powerful Message

No matter what you might be going through right now, if you simply continue loving God and wanting His will in your life, He promises to turn your difficulties into something good.

Don’t give up hope that God’s goodness will manifest in your life. Even if things don’t turn out the way you planned, they can still turn out better than you imagined.

You may not see a way, but God still has a way. It may look impossible, but God can do the impossible. God intends for good. We know that He is our Vindicator, our Redeemer, and Restorer. He makes all things new.

God is not surprised by your inabilities, your imperfections, or your faults. He has always known everything about you, things you are just now finding out, and He chose you on purpose for Himself.

God can take the worst thing that you could possibly imagine and somehow or another, He throws a few of His own ingredients in there and it turns out to be a miracle. And all you have to do is give it to Him.

We know that God never allows more to come on us than we can bear, but He always provides a way out, a safe place to land.

God takes all of the bad things that happen to us and somehow, eventually, He causes them to work out for our good. Bad things can become good things when we put God in charge of all things.

The best way in the world to show the love of God is to be good to somebody who knows they don’t deserve for you to be good to them.

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Pray every day for God to fill you with the Holy Spirit if you don’t do anything else. He bestows great gifts on us so that we might use them to bring Him honor.

Every time you start to worry, ask God for help. Cast all your cares on Him because worry doesn’t solve anything, but God works wonders when we pray.

Prayer Starter: Lord, help me to put You in charge of everything in my life and I expect my problems to turn into blessings! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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