God Will Give You The Power To Have Peace In The Midst Of The Storm – Powerful Message

During difficult situations, we may need to talk to ourselves in order to keep telling ourselves that we can be patient and persevere. As God’s children, we already possess the fruit of patience, but we must exercise self-control in order for it to be realized. If we say the first thing that comes to our mind (never a good idea), it’s likely we won’t be glad to wait.

It’s one thing to trust God in the light…it’s another thing entirely to trust Him when you don’t understand. That’s the kind of faith we’re after and that’s the kind of faith the world needs to see!

The world is getting darker and darker, but the Bible teaches us that in the midst of that, that we should get brighter and brighter… We need to learn to live amazed—and I mean jaw-dropping wide-eyed, “That. Was. God.”

We do not have to be afraid of harm, because God is not an angry judge; He is not mean. He is good. We can rejoice with thanksgiving, knowing that everything good in life comes from God. He wants us to trust Him, and when we take a step of faith to do so, we will see the goodness of God manifested in our lives. The more we surrender, the better life becomes.

It can be difficult to hold on to all of the promises we’ve learnt during the bright days while we’re in the midst of a storm. However, the storm is frequently used to reinforce what we learned when everything was going swimmingly. The truth is that we require storms. These seasons in your life, as unpleasant and terrible as they are, help us grow and stretch.

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They reaffirm what we know in our hearts, for the next time we go through a storm.  And give us a solid foundation to say with confidence that He is a God in the storm and He will never abandon us.

God will give you the power to have peace in the midst of the storm.

Prayer, combined with taking action according to God’s guidance, is the only answer to any problem we have. God’s Word teaches us not to worry and cast our care, but it never says we are to cast our responsibility.

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