God Looks Inside, God Is Pleased With Somebody With A Right Heart – Powerful Message

Sometimes we’re more concerned with outward things than we should be, and not nearly concerned enough about our inner life. “God may enjoy your clothes, but He isn’t nearly as concerned with the inner health of your heart as He is with your outside look,” we could rephrase today’s Scripture.

God looks on the inside, at what’s going on in our heart. Don’t let your own thoughts tell you that you don’t measure up.

God said to Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7, “Don’t judge by appearance or height, for he is not the one. God does not see things the way you see them.” People judge by the outside, but God looks on the inside.

God looks on the inside. He is more pleased with somebody with a right heart that fails every once in a while than with somebody that has a wrong heart and performs perfectly all the time.

It’s critically important that we live our lives with godly character and the inner qualities that matter to God.

We should and foremost spend time making sure we’re right in our thoughts and attitudes, because we can’t have good behavior unless we begin with a right heart attitude.

Take some time each morning to “set your mind” in the right direc­tion.

With your mind set in the right direction, you’ll be an amazing example of peace to others throughout the day.

Because you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart. Whatever God has put on the inside, no matter how long it’s been, no matter how impossible it looks, God can still bring it to pass. He’s the Giver of all dreams. He’s the one who put that desire in you.

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God looks past the superficial things and sees the potential on the inside. God sees the seeds of greatness that He has placed within you.

God looks beyond our failures, our mistakes. God knows who you really are. He’s the one who breathed life into you. He put seeds of greatness on the inside.

God sees your potential, what you’re capable of. No matter what you’ve done in the past, God has not written you off. He can still get you to your destiny.

Prayer Starter: Father, help me develop such inner strength and peace that I can handle every situation in a way that represents You well to others. Thank You for granting me the grace to maintain a positive attitude today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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