“Get ready, Get Ready For Some New Things God Wants To Do With Your Life”, This Message From Joel Osteen – Powerful Message

It’s time to get your hopes up, enlarge your vision, and get ready for new things.

There’s more music. More stories. Joel talks about the strength God gives people during hard times. Victoria talks about how “God chose you” the way adopting parents pick out an infant at a hospital.

“God is smiling down on ya tonight,” Joel tells the crowd. “He doesn’t even have to peek through the roof; he can see you right through the window.” God is on your side. The most powerful force in the universe is on your side tonight! All you have to say is, ‘God, I want to receive what you have for me tonight.” He adds: “This is going to be your best year so far!”

“God is going to help you with whatever you’re facing,” Victoria says. “You already have everything you need inside you.”

God wants to breathe new life into your dreams. He wants to breathe new hope into your heart today. Prepare for a change of pace!

We’re glad for it, but God is an overflow God, not a get-by God. He desires for you to have plenty so that you might bless others. He wants you to have so much joy that you spread joy to everyone you meet, and he wants you to have so many resources that you can serve others around you. God is about to do something really different.

He goes on: “God wants to do more than you can ask, think or imagine. God’s dream for your life is so much bigger than your own. I never dreamed that I’d be doing this today. If you’re controlled by your circumstances, life is going to be a rollercoaster. God wants you to be stable, consistent, not moved by any of these things. When you face adversity, when you hit a tough time, one of the best things you can do is simply stay calm. Keep your peace.”

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His tone deepens. The man who appeared to be shy and demure only a day ago suddenly appears to be in charge of a whole stadium. Even though the temperature has fallen, these folks are still warm.

If you continue to remain faithful, honor God, and do your best every day, doors will open that you could never have imagined. Get ready to go places that you’ve never dreamed of. God has a dream for you.

God has so much in store for your life. Don’t be discouraged by bumps in the road or detours on the path. Continue to trust, put your faith in God, and speak NEW things into the wilderness or desert seasons.

Once you begin to praise and trust God, His hand will work a miracle for you.

“Get ready,” Joel Osteen says. “Get ready for some new things God wants to do with your life!”

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