Don’t Miss This Powerful Message, “A Gift From God” From Joel Osteen – Powerful Message

The scripture says, “Every good gift comes from our Father in heaven above.” That good gift may come through people, but it came from God. Your income may have come from your employer, but it was provided by your Heavenly Father. He’s making use of them as a source of information. That contract may have originated through a buddy or a link, but it ultimately came from God.

We serve such a loving, gracious and generous God. He loves you so much that there isn’t anything He wouldn’t do in order to have a relationship with you.

Sometimes we’re waiting for God to change the circumstances. “God, make me happy, cheer me up, help me overcome this discouragement.” The truth is, God is waiting on you. You walked into the dry place. The good news is you can walk out. Arise from that depression. Shake off the blahs. Shake off what hasn’t worked out. This day is a gift.

That person God has given you is a gift. They have approximately 80% of what you need. No person has 100%. If you’re not careful, you’ll focus on the 20% and end up frustrated.

John 3:27 says, “A man must be content to receive the gift that is given him.” You have to accept the gift that God has given you. Don’t feel less than if somebody seems to have a more significant gift. It takes a secure person to say, “I’m comfortable with who I am.”

Let Him fill you with His eternal peace and joy so that you can live the abundant life He has for you.

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The “going through” is not enjoyable for us, but the promise of coming out of the problem gives us hope, confidence, and security. These are our gifts from God, and we should never leave a gift unopened.

Trust in God, don’t worry, think about what you’re thinking about, and maintain peace in your heart no matter what is going on in your life!

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Father in heaven, I come to You today giving You all that I am. Thank You for the gift of salvation through Your Son, Jesus. I believe He died and rose for me, and I invite You to be the Lord of every area of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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