Controlling Our Words by God’s Grace – Powerful Message

According to this Scripture, the one thing proving our level of spiritual maturity isn’t how religious we are—whether we can quote Scripture, or the good works we do—it is the words from our mouths.

Our thoughts become our words, and our words become our actions. Therefore, it is vitally important that we choose life-generating thoughts. When we do, we will begin to enjoy the lives Jesus wants us to live.

Words are containers for power, and we need to choose our words very carefully. It’s time for us to step up to the plate and be accountable for the words we allow to come out of our mouth. No man can tame the tongue. We need God’s help.

Insecure people say “yes” when they really mean “no”. Those who succeed at being themselves don’t allow others to control them. They are led by their heart, not by the fear of displeasing others or being rejected by them.

Love does not expose people’s faults and talk about them; it covers them. Believing the best about people and speaking words that build them up is one way of loving them. God’s grace meets us where we are, but it never leaves us where it found us!

Your life doesn’t have to be run by your emotions. You can make the decision to control your emotions instead of them controlling you.

Sometimes what we think is the greatest tragedy in our life turns out to be one of the greatest blessings that we could have ever possibly had. God is our power source. Every time you feel frustrated or worn out take a moment and plug in. Don’t go out your door in the morning without your battery being fully charged up.

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In all the busyness of life, we’ve got to learn to not let the stress and frustration get on the inside. It may be very hectic on the outside, but deep down in your spirit there needs to be a calmness, a rest where you know God has you in the palm of His hand.

We create much of our own unhappiness with how we respond to negative situations and how we approach life. When you develop the habit of always thinking about God’s goodness and seeing the best, life goes so much better. That’s how you have joy despite what’s happening.

Prayer for the words we speak: “God, You are worthy of all my praise and I want my words to be pleasing to You. Help me to control my tongue-not to speak words that wound the spirit, but words that bring peace and healing and hope. Give me words to speak to others that will bless their lives. And help me to grow in my own personal knowledge of Your Word so that I can speak the truth boldly over every situation that arises in my life. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of Your Word. I pray that it will be on my lips today and every day. Amen.”

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