Be Inspired By This Message From Joyce Meyer, “God’s Delivering Power” – Powerful Message

Too often we marvel at the delivering power of God and overlook His keeping, strengthening, and enabling power. Jesus promised in John 16:33, that He will give us His peace during the trials of life and the power we need to overcome them. I encourage you today, if you are going through a time of suffering, take heart because, in Christ, you will come through it and share in His glory, which shall be revealed!

Through His grace, God wants to give us the power to overcome our wrong motives and intentions. We just have to be humble enough to ask for it and receive it rather than trying to handle everything ourselves by our own power and in our own way.

God wants us to find our joy in Him. It’s amazing what happens when we learn to really trust God.

We can never underestimate the power of worshipping God. Our prayer and worship needs to be a habit and we need to keep doing it, no matter what anyone says. We can count on God to hear our prayers, receive our worship, and deliver us.

When was the last time you asked God to do something impossible, something out of the ordinary? We only ask for tiny things, which is one of the reasons we don’t see God do huge things. There should be something you’re praying for that you can’t do on your own—when that’s you’ll witness God’s power in action.

When your thoughts tell you that trouble is permanent, answer back that no trouble can stop you because God has delivered you.

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If you want to attain your full potential, you need to surround yourself with eagles—people who will push you ahead, improve you, and help you soar. Associate yourself with people of vision.

God has the power to awaken a dream in anyone’s life, whether it’s starting a new career, restoring a family, or helping others. We want to know how God made your dream a reality.

Prayer Starter: Lord Jesus, I worship you! Thank you for coming to live in my heart. Help me to never compromise Your principles. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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