7 Powerful Messages From God – Powerful Message

Do today what you will be happy with tomorrow, and then tomorrow you won’t regret what you didn’t do today.

  1. You will prosper

Jesus said in Mark 11, “Whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive it and you will have it.” It doesn’t say, “Believe that you receive it when you see it.” You have to be healed in your spirit before you’ll see healing in your body. You have to be prosperous in your spirit before you’ll be prosperous in the natural.

Trust God so much that you don’t have to know everything. Real trust is knowing God knows and trusting He will take care of you.

  1. You will smile again

God is reenergizing you with fresh passion, fresh vision. God is breathing special strength into you. That burden that has weighed you down is being lifted. This is a turning point.

Colossians 3:12 says, “God has given us the power to endure whatever comes our way with a good attitude.” You’ve got to go to work with a smile on your face, a good attitude, being good to people, and doing more than you have to.

Do today what you will be happy with tomorrow, and then tomorrow you won’t regret what you didn’t do to day.

  1. Your storm is over

Every storm you go through, every bad break, every lonely season deposits something on the inside. Don’t be put off by the process. God will drive you to a new level if you keep the correct mindset.

Faith doesn’t exempt us from difficulties. The storms of life come to every person. But God will not allow a storm unless He has a divine purpose for it.

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  1. You will find peace

Help bring peace back to your family. They’ve got enough people trying to push them down. They should be able to count on you to help lift them up.

First Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your cares on Him.” You weren’t designed to carry all those cares; it’s going to frustrate you. Here’s the deal: while you sleep, God works; when you work, God sleeps. Turn your troubles and cares over to God to keep your peace.

  1. You are forgiven

You are a new creation. You are forgiven. You are valuable to God.

You are blessed, prosperous, redeemed, forgiven, talented, creative, disciplined, focused, confident, secure, equipped, empowered, anointed, accepted, approved, not average, not mediocre, you are a child of the most high God.

  1. You are safe with me

Believe and declare that you are strong, you are victorious, you are safe and you are able. You’re going to accomplish dreams bigger than you imagined, overcome obstacles that look insurmountable, and reach the fullness of your destiny!

  1. You are loved

You are not loved because you are valuable – you are valuable because you are loved.

You are loved more than you can comprehend. Even when you think badly about yourself, God always thinks the best about you!

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